Simultaneous Determination of Biogenic Amine in Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum Processed with Different Methods by UPLC
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KeyWord:Cervi Curnu Pantotrichum  biogenic amines  processing methods  sections  comparative analysis  ultra high performance liquid chromatography(UPLC)
WANG Yan-hua,SUN Yin-shi,WANG Yu-fang,CHEN Bao,HUO Xiao-hui,LIU Chang,ZHANG Lei 1.中国农业科学院特产研究所;2.吉林农业大学中药材学院
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      A method of ultra high performance liquid chromatography(UPLC) was developed for the simultaneous determination of 10 biogenic amine components in Cervi Curnu Pantotrichum(CCP),and the differences among the biogenic amines in Cervi Curnu Pantotrichum(CCP) processed with different methods were compared.Biogenic amines in the CCP samples were extracted with 0.4 mol/L perchloric acid,derivatized with dansyl chloride(DNCSI),then determinated by UPLC.The optimal conditions were follows:chromatographic column:ACQUITY UPLC@BEH C18(2.1 mm×100 mm,1.7 μm),mobile phase:acetonitrile-water,column temperature:35 ℃,flow rate:0.4 mL/min,detection wavelength:217 nm.The calibration curves for 10 biogenic amines were linear in a certain concentration with their correlation coefficients of 0.997 8-0.999 9 and the detection limits of 10.87-19.63 μg/L.The recoveries ranged from 71.6% to 101%.The total biogenic amines in wax slice,powder slice,gauze slice and bone slice for the boiled CCP were 312.33,176.88,105.31 and 55.674 mg/kg,respectively,and that for the freeze-dried CCP were 291.77,152.85,114.49 and 74.73 mg/kg,respectively.Likewise,those in these 4 sections for the blood-drained CCP and the blood-filled CCP were 357.07,226.26,125.18 and 77.74 mg/kg,and 343.42,216.72,125.15 and 76.16 mg/kg,respectively.As a whole,the total biogenic amines in freeze-dried CCP were higher than that in boiled CCP,while those in blood-drained CCP were higher than that in blood-filled CCP.The total biogenic amines in CCP with 4 processing methods showed a trend of decline from wax slice downward to bone slice,and the differences in different sections were all significant(P<0.05).