Analysis on Migration of 9 Volatile Perfluorinated Compounds Precursors in Food-contact Paper Based Materials by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry with Liquid-Liquid Extraction
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KeyWord:food-contact paper based materials  fluorinated compounds  precursors  migration  liquid-liquid extraction  gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry(GC-MS/MS)
ZHANG Zi-hao,XIAO Qian,ZHONG Huai-ning,LI Quan-zhong,LIU Ying-feng,LI Dan,ZHENG Jian-guo 广东出入境检验检疫局
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      A gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric(GC-MS/MS)method was developed for the determination of 9 volatile perfluorinated compounds precursors including perfluorinated fatty alcohol,perfluorinated fatty alcohol acrylate and perfluorosulfonamide fatty alcohol,using 3% acetic acid,10% alcohol,50% alcohol,and olive oil as food simulants according to(EU) 2017/752.The water-based and olive oil simulants were extracted with dichloromethane and acetonitrile,respectively.The volatile perfluorinated compounds precursors were separated on a DB-5MS(30 m×0.25 mm×0.25 μm)column,and analyzed under multiple reaction monitoring mode.The cailbration curves for 9 analytes were linear in the range of 5-500 μg/L,with the quantitation limits of 3.3-4.4 μg/L for 3% acetic acid,3.5-4.2 μg/L for 10% alcohol,3.3-4.9 μg/L for 50% alcohol and 4.2-5.1 ng/g for olive oil,respectively.The spiked recoveries for the samples ranged from 85.0% to 115% with the relative standard deviations(RSDs)not more than 7.8%.This method was fast,precise and convenient,and was appropriate for the determination of 9 perfluorinated compounds precursors in food-contact paper based materials.