Detection of Seven Mycotoxins in Foods by LC-MS/MS with QuEChERS
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KeyWord:QuEChERS  mycotoxin  ochratoxins  aflatoxins  LC-MS/MS
XIONG Xin,LIU Qing,ZHANG Guang-wen,PANG Shi-qi,ZENG Guang-feng,CHEN Wen-rui 1.暨南大学理工学院;2.广东出入境检验检疫局检验检疫技术中心;3.广东省动植物与食品进出口技术措施研究重点实验室
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      A method of liquid chromatograph-tandem mass spectrometry(LC-MS/MS) with QuEChERS pretreatment was developed for the determination of seven kinds of mycotoxins,including aflatoxin B1(AFB1),aflatoxin B2(AFB2),aflatoxin G1(AFG1),aflatoxin G2(AFG2),ochratoxin A(OTA),ochratoxin B(OTB) and ochratoxin C(OTC) in foods.The samples were diluted with formic acid-acetonitrile (10∶90,by volume),and then purified by QuEChERS using a scavenging agent(1.2 g MgSO4+0.25 g C18+0.4 g PSA+0.25 g Al-N) after centrifugation.The detection on the analytes was performed by LC-MS/MS in positive ionization under multiple-reaction monitoring(MRM) mode.There existed good linearities for seven mycotoxins in their respective concentraction ranges with correlation coeffieionts not less than 0.999.The limits of quantitation(LOQs) were in the range of 0.25-5.0 μg/kg,and the average recoveries for seven mycotoxins were between 71.5% and 119% with the relative standard deviations(RSDs,n=6) of 1.1%-7.7%.The developed method was simple,sensitive and reproducible,and was suitable for the determination of these mycotoxins in foods in batch production.