Investigation of a Novel Ru3+-Sensitized Chemiluminescence System for Furosemide Determination
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KeyWord:furosemide  Ru3+  tris-(1,10-phenanthroline) ruthenium(Ⅱ)  chemiluminescence
YU Xiang,XI Juan 1.西安工程大学环境与化学工程学院;2.陕西天安环保科技有限公司
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      A novel Ru(phen)2+3-Ce(Ⅳ)-Ru3+ chemiluminescence(CL) method was developed for the determination of furosemide based on the phenomenon that in the presence of ruthenium(Ⅲ)(Ru3+),furosemide could greatly enhance the CL intensity of tris-(1,10-phenanthroline) ruthenium(Ⅱ)(Ru(phen)2+3)-cerium(Ⅳ)(Ce(Ⅳ)) system.With the increase of Ru3+ concentration from 0 to 15 μmol/L,the CL intensity of the system was enhanced by one order of magnitude,and the sensitization of Ru3+ was very significant.The CL reaction conditions were optimized,and the optimum concentrations for Ru3+,Ru(phen)2+3,Ce(Ⅳ) and H2SO4 were 15 μmol/L,0.10 mmol/L,0.20 mmol/L and 15 mmol/L,respectively.Under the optimum conditions,the calibration curve was linear in the range of 5.0×10-9-2.0×10-6 mol/L with a detection limit of 3.8×10-9 mol/L.The proposed method had a wider linear range and lower detection limit than all other reported CL methods.The method was applied in the analysis of furosemide in furosemide tablets and furosemide injection with satisfactory results.Referring to the investigation of UV-spectra,the possible mechanism for CL reaction was proposed in this paper.