Determination of Glucose by NIR Spectroscopy Under Magnetic Field
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KeyWord:glucose  hydrogen bond  magnetic field  near infrared spectroscopy  partial least square regression
CHEN Jian-hong,LIU Ze-chen,ZHU Ling-jian School of Mechanical and Precision Instrument Engineering,Xian University of Technology
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      Near infrared(NIR) spectroscopy for measuring blood glucose concentration has great significance in biomedicine.In this paper,Fourier transform infrared(FTIR) spectroscopy was used to study the influence of different magnetic field strengths on the near infrared spectra of different concentrations of glucose solution.The near infrared absorption intensity and partial peak position of glucose under magnetic field were observed to change significantly.The influence mechanism of magnetic field on the absorption of near infrared spectrum of glucose solution was systematically analyzed.A quantitative analysis model for glucose solution under magnetic field was established by partial least squares regression(PLS).The calibration set was used to verify the calibration coefficient of glucose solution.Experimental results showed that the magnetic field induces the dipole moment of the glucose molecular group,leading to the dipole moment of the molecule and its absorption increasing,while the glucose molecules tend to align along the direction parallel to the magnetic field under the action of magnetic field,and the consistency of the linear relationship between absorbance and concentration change of molecular vibration frequency is greatly improved.This study helps to improve the absorption intensity of glucose molecules and its measurement accuracy,and provides a technical support for further improving the accuracy for blood glucose detection.