ReviewsResearch Advances in Authenticity Identification and Traceability Detection of Aquatic Products
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KeyWord:aquatic products  authenticity identification  origin traceability  analytical methods
CHEN Rou-han,GU Shu-qing,NIU Bing,DENG Xiao-jun 1.Department of Food Engineering,School of Life Science,Shanghai University;2.Technical Center for Animal Plant and Food Inspection and Quarantine,Shanghai Customs
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      The authenticity identification and origin traceability for aquatic products have always been the hot issues in the field of food safety.In recent years,modern analytical techniques such as spectroscopy,nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR),enzyme linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA),nucleic acid testing,electrophoresis,chromatography and mass spectrometry(MS) are powerful tools for the analysis on species,origins and contents of aquatic products.The classification,principle,research platform and latest applications of the authenticity identification and traceability detection methods for aquatic products are introduced in this paper.Finally,the trends and promising prospects of this field are presented.