Classification Discrimination of Different Types of Cigarette Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and OPLS-DA Algorithm
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KeyWord:near infrared spectroscopy  finished cut tobacco  classify discrimination  principal component analysis(PCA)  partial least squares discriminant analysis(PLS-DA)  orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis(OPLS-DA)
PAN Xi,LIU Hui,WANG Hao,LIU Jing,HE Yun-lu,HUANG Wei-chu,QIU Chang-gui 1.China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Co.,Ltd.;2.Yunnan Reascend Tobacco TechnologyGroup Co.,Ltd.
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      A novel near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS) combined with supervised pattern recognition was proposed for the rapid classification and discrimination of types of cigarettes.Standard normal variables(SNV),multiplicative signal correction(MSC),first derivative(FD),second derivative(SD) and Savitzky-Golay filt(SG) and their combined spectral pre processing methods were used for the spectral data preprocessing of finished cut tobacco.A discriminant model was established by NIRS combined with three pattern recognition methods include principal component analysis(PCA),partial least squares discriminant analysis(PLS-DA) and orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis(OPLS-DA),and the prediction accuracy of classification identification was used as an evaluation index.The experimental results showed that:(1) the principal component distribution maps were intertwined,and PCA could not identify five types of finished cut tobacco.(2) The PLS-DA model for finished cut tobacco spectrum after MSC+FD pretreatment could achieve better classification and recognition results,and the prediction accuracies for the calibration set and test set were 100% and 98.3%,respectively.(3) The identification of the OPLS-DA model for the finished cut tobacco spectrum after MSC+SD pretreatment was the best,and the parameters of the model,including the fraction of the variation of X explained by the model(R2X),the fraction of the variation of Y explained by the model(R2Y),and the fraction of the variation of Y that can be predicted by the model according to the cross validation(Q2) were 0.485,0.907 and 0.748,respectively.The prediction accuracies for the calibration set and test set both reached to 100%.Results showed that the classification model based on NIRS combined with OPLS-DA was efficient,quick,accurate and non destructive,and provided a new and rapid identification approach for finished cut tobacco classification.